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Ebook for Kindle and Paperback for Kindle Direct Print​​​​​​​

Henry is a Poet and a Teacher.

This is his collection of poetry that he wrote during the 2020 lockdown. We met Henry on a trip to Panchagani, India and connected over pizza, wine, four dogs and a cat.

Mood for the collection - BLUE! - A balance of frenetic, anxious energy and calm. Motion and stillness.

We started with the cover design. The idea was to stylize the name of the poetry collection 'Teaching Grammar to Water'. The rigidity of grammar and its rules juxtaposed with the fluidity of water.

Cover for the Paperback

For the inside layout we decided on a font called 'MULI'. For the titles we contemplated using Henry's own handwriting, but then decided to go with the same font 'Muli' for the titles as well.

Deciding on the font styles for the poetry titles

Some of the poems have been illustrated by Henry's friends in their own styles.

You can check out Henry's book on amazon here.


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